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A Unique Life Crossroad

Manili Boutique Suites & Villas is the ideal destination for couples, single travellers, friends, or families. Located at the centre of Archanes Village in Crete, Greece tradition comes alive within the super modern and luxurious details.
At Manili Boutique Suites & Villas we focus on providing you with an unforgettable experience, filled with luxury, relaxation, and comfort. The earthy textures of Crete island and water elements come to awaken all senses within excellent hospitality.
Stay in one of the spacious and fully equipped villas or suites and enjoy the outdoor pools, barbeque facilities, as well as fine dining and local delicacies at Manili Bistro. Our partners, philosophy and harmony of natural elements within the special architectural details will make your stay truly unique.

Executive Suites

Junior Suites

Superior Double


Manili Bistro

A beautifully decorated and spacious private terrace where guests can enjoy a variety of snacks and beverages, ranging from speciality coffees to refreshing cocktails.

For additional details please refer to the menu.
Takeaway and Room service available.


Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal place to visit all year round! Its mild climate, glorious beaches, impressive mountains and views, fertile valleys and steep gorges can make any visitor’s stay truly unique.

Inspired by the traditional element and the building details
that we observe in the area,
over time,
we tried to revive and highlight the aesthetic virtues of the traditional settlement of Archanes.
In combination with the knowledge and services of today,
we created, a utopia,
awakening all the senses.

Museums & Archaeological sites


Traditions & Customs


Hiking & Exploration